Driving Success

This time last year I had uploaded my first ever Vlog on to YouTube which was a result of a list of goals I had set myself before my birthday. I like to use my birthday as a deadline because I am one of those people that has a Life-Plan (I am aware that life is incredibly unpredictable and cannot be structured through a plan) to assess if I am on track, personally.

I really enjoyed making videos for YouTube and people seemed to receive them well, however I found it really difficult to find the time to keep it up and I was a bit of a rambler. No one has time for that. But alas, this year’s goal was to finally pass my driving test. I am going to stress the word finally, not because of the amount of tests it took but because it was something I never thought was going to happen.

I had paid a lot of money for a block of lessons which my previous instructor didn’t seem too enthused about fitting in, he made me feel anxious and a bit stupid but it was his misogyny that didn’t bode well for the amount of time we had to spend together to be “test ready”. Long story short, I got a new instructor. What a pickle. I had taken 5 months out which reverted me basically back to beginners level, leaving me a little more nervous and hesitant the second time around because my confidence had been quashed. Part of me was very determined to pass but the thought of taking a test made my stomach turn.

Surprisingly, the tests themselves aren’t actually as horrific as you think, even if you stall (guilty), have a scary examiner and repeatedly ask if you’re going the right way or not. The thing which was the cause of all my angst, other than accidently killing the examiner, was the verdict. Pass was not the word I ever imagined to come out of the examiners mouth. It was an achievement that secured the idea that I was maybe becoming an independent adult, and the child in me stamped my foot. The last test I took, I felt ready, like it was the perfect time.

The odds were stacked against me to pass before my birthday (the cynic in me felt like it would never happen) as the waiting period for a test was 3 months away (October, ewww) BUT a cancellation did come up and I feel it was all meant to be. I did it YAY! Finally.

Have fun out there.


Pipedream xx


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