The Qualms of Conversation

When someone new slides into my DMs (I absolutely love using this phrase) my replies are usually like an excitable puppy running along a keyboard as I love getting to know new people. However, as social media is now a platform for job offers, romantic prospects and budding friendships, I’m finding it hard to know how to conduct myself, as appearing too eager is becoming a recognised sin online.

In this modern world, there are SO many rules about how to successfully talk to someone online, that I’m getting a hang up.

Pre-2017 me: double texting was merely a way for me to splurge out how my brain was responding to the conversation without having to spend half-a -lifetime writing out an eloquent response in the fear of looking unprofessional, too eager or too clingy. I honestly don’t get why society latched on to the notions that double texting is a bad thing? Personally, when I receive a series of messages I feel like the person I’m talking too is really engaged with what we are talking about and in my own experience when I double text, it’s just because I’m super enthusiastic about the situation. However, 2017 me: I’m now finding myself deliberating (for what seems like an eternity) over how to respond without sinning, which usually results in a blunt response as I can’t convey what I’m thinking into a concise reply. WHICH IS A MOOD KILLER. *sigh*

The thing which I find really tough is that social media is the foundation for many new relationships and I am very aware that my new-found bluntness is an issue. I find it hard to reach the middle ground between being too enthusiastic to being enchantingly sassy with a sprinkle of enthusiasm to keep things spicy…

I can’t be the only one thinking that it is hard to juggle these norms? All I want to do is enthuse my conversations with bursting technicolor of randomness and double texting. But alas, it’s probably time to get out the rule book and swat up on how to talk online!

Have fun out there!


Pipedream xx


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