Gear Change

For anyone that knows me understands that Art is a little backpack I’ve been carrying around with me since the age I could pick up a pencil. I’ve always been pin-pointed as a “quirky” (dare I say it) individual that paints in fields and drinks fennel tea but I have now opened a new can of worms. 

Like most decisions within my life, they happen last minute. I was forever indecisive about my future, but since starting this blog I have reignited my love of literature and the magic of stringing words together to make feelings. I had started my UCAS application with the intention of unpacking the Art that I carried around as an identity, and pursuing it into further education HOWEVER (here comes the gear change) I decided to apply for something that made me feel giddy with excitement and self-doubt. I thought that little-old-me with no A-Levels, was “too stupid” to study a subject my lack of qualifications “prevented” me from doing.

My New Year’s resolution was a cracker… be more spontaneous. Lists and scrupulous over-thinking was encoded in my DNA and secretly, I had little faith in the resolution set by myself. 
However, when I attached Journalism onto my UCAS application I never expected it to be taken seriously. I’ve always had this scandalous dream of presenting on Countryfile and adding Journalism to my list made it feel less of a dream and more of a reality. 

An Unconditional offer and crying with joy on the toilet later, being spontaneous was working in my favour. I’ve never had the confidence in myself to jump. Well, now I’m jumping. 
Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I just haven’t found the words to explain how I’ve felt, until now. 

Have fun out there. 

Pipedream xx 


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