Earlier this week I experienced my first EVER social media ban. At first I was a little offended and dejected as I was hoping that my first ban would be for something a little more scandalous (rebel at heart) but alas, it wasn’t. It’s actually a little shameful…

I was banned from Instagram for liking too many pictures. How on earth is that a bad thing? Just sharing some love. However, in my absence and abstinence from liking pictures, it gave me time to think and this raised the question… am I addicted to Instagram?

Instagram and I have been friends for a while now, and yes I do think I am a little over-attached to it. I decided to devise a list of what I feel the top 10 signs are of being a complete Instagram addict…

  1. You easily spend over 7 minutes editing your photos, to specifically fit your ‘theme’… You may take a super cute picture with all of your friends but if the colours off, it doesn’t make the cut.
  2. You take over 100 pictures for the one perfect picture, with the right angle, lighting and mood… Because everyone cares about that natural lighting, 225 degree angle chin tilt and a nice backdrop, right?
  3. You will take a picture of absolutely ANYTHING as long as it has Instagram potential… My word that bin has poise. 
  4. Your followers aren’t just followers to you. These people have your back and provide you with a wholesome feeling of love with every like. They understand you on a deep level, especially when they tag you in really relatable things that they know you will like. *Fist Pump* I love you guys.
  5. You have the stalking ability of an MI5 agent… You know things about Jenny from three streets away that not even her mother knows. Yes I saw that tagged photo of you at a party, when you were supposedly too ill for that family meal. Hmmmm…
  6. You have a series of back up photos that you can use if you haven’t done anything Insta-worthy in a while. Oh hi aesthetic coffee shop picture from 3 months previous.
  7. Upload fails can cause a mental breakdown…  
  8. Because there is ALWAYS an optimum time to post a picture. This level of knowledge has been conducted over 1 year 7 months worth of Instagram use.
  9. Its pure torture waiting for the first like… “Was that picture a grave mistake and a misinformed decision? I’m sorry followers for letting you down. LET ME DELETE IT!  Oh wait”.
  10. Reaching 11 Likes, make you feel like you’re Kim K…I mean, you could basically become a brand promoter now, right? People value your tastes. 

Of course there are 100% more important things in life other than Instagram but Instagram is my sanctuary and it allows me to focus on something other than how scary the big, wide, world is for the minutes a day I use it.

Have a lovely weekend.

Pipedream xx


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