If you have dated online or interacted with a romantic prospect online then I’m sure you have experienced the dreaded term ‘ghosting’. Ghosting for anyone unaware, is when all communication in a personal relationship is stopped without explanation and it can leave you feeling pretty rubbish about yourself, unless the feeling is mutual.
Well, recently I have been experiencing the next level ghosting however I never knew it was an official thing or even what the term for it was, until this morning.
Cosmopolitan is my go-too on snapchat, the articles are sassy and completely relevant but I wasn’t expecting a mini-revelation to happen on a Sunday morning. ‘Haunting’ is the new upgrade to ‘Ghosting’ and I cannot express how much I related to this new phrase.

If you have been ghosted then haunting is the stage after the person has completely abandoned all communication with you but still interacts on social media e.g. liking your social media posts or following your stories. They come and go as they please and never really leave until they find a new person to haunt and to be clear they just generally lurk which makes it hard to move on as social media is a 24/7 thing. Now I am someone that likes a clean break. If you have abandoned all communication, then why is it necessary to follow life updates?
I understand situations can be different and the hauntee maybe biding their time to rekindle what was lost, however I feel like this is just a way to keep check on someone to make sure their life is as good or better than the person they are ‘haunting’. Now I could be wrong and 9 times out of 10 I am, but my fragile heart finds it hard to accept the hauntee because of how offended I was to be ghosted…
Now the adult thing would be to confront the situation but there is the stigma where you may look completely crazy confronting your hauntee because it could be just in your head and that you’re reading into things too much which obviously would make the situation worse. All I can say is, if any hauntee’s are reading this, and you want to rekindle, just slide into their DMs and maybe create some closure for both parties or walk away (by removing each other from social media as life is too short for negative energy) because there is a reason it ended in the first place. However, you could just let yourself be ‘haunted’ because if it wasn’t meant to be then there is something magical around the corner and it’s not good to limit your capabilities by dwelling on the past. Either way, do what is best for you.

With love,

Pipedream xx

Sunday Soundtrack

Glass Animals – Pork Soda
Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again
The xx – On Hold
Julia Michaels – Issues
Circa Waves – Fire that Burns
Asgeir – Unbound
Methyl Ethel – Ubu
Kasabian – You’re in Love with a Psycho
The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness
Tom Odell – Somehow
Bears Den – Agape
The Kooks – Be Who you Are
Radical Face – We’re on our Way


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