Oh hi Mercury in Retrograde

I’m in a bit of a slump at the moment and I’m blaming the stars… Mercury is in Retrograde now until May, conversations can go awry, technology fails you and things that matter the most are re-evaluated.

Recently, I have been feeling insecure about my lack of career progression as I feel like I am wandering around in mud, with a blind fold on not doing much with my life. 16 year old me fancied myself as a driven, entrepreneur with the intention of studying at university. But I find myself verging the big 2 0, stuck in retail, not studying, with no enthusiasm aka a huge motherf****** rut.
I of course understand that I can’t just go through life passing the blame on Mercury being in retrograde but I 100% feel like this acknowledgement of re-evaluation is just what I need (or the help of Professor Brian Cox because he always has the answer).

University is not always a suitable route for people and I was determined to try the “long way” because of a negative stint in education and the looming debt putting me off, however its becoming apparent that the way I’m ticking along is self-destructive and a waste of my time. I’m an indecisive little peanut and I am aware that by the time Mercury is in forward motion, this could no longer be a relevant thought within my head (or because life is always throwing new challenges).

As we all are, on this strange planet, I’m in the pursuit of happiness and I guess I should try something before I completely rule it out. Hold me back, I’m going for it.


Pipedream xx


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