Sunshine Saturdays

I am always overwhelmed with happiness when it’s a sunny day on the coast. It’s great for the garden and it really boosts Hastings’ aesthetic appeal. I have recently got into this habit where I leave my bedroom curtains open at night (I am not an exhibitionist) as it weirdly makes me feel more relaxed, but it’s really paying off in the morning because the sun beams in, enveloping me in happiness. Yay.

Today I got my wellies on and headed into the countryside. It was such a beautiful day, the kind where you get a glittery feeling in your stomach and you feel so motivated to enjoy the day, that wonderful things happen.
I rode a chestnut-coloured horse called Strider, a chubby (easy to see) Welsh Section D mare, down the country lanes with a spot of schooling and she is starting to be a Grade A student (instead of the naughty kid in the class, which is how she started off). I’m not sure whether I am reading into things too much but I think she is secretly starting to like me. Whilst on my little mooch down the lane, I noticed that the daffodils are starting to die off making way for my favourites… bluebells. I remember watching a Ray Mears survival program once, a very long time ago, and he made glue out of bluebell pods and I remember feeling heavily inspired to have a go… I never have. Maybe this year.

Time flies when you’re having fun, or it just flies in general as you get older. I remember sitting in class as a child, counting down the seconds to when school would be over. Now I miss school, and can never keep up with the days, let alone seconds.

I really enjoy being outside as I literally cannot stand being cooped up… which is 9/10 how I feel when I am at work. Roaming free, I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday with some cows and their calves, lambs and some donkeys but I am a sucker for some chickens. Nothing beats country air and company, and I strongly believe it’s the best kind.

Have a good weekend out there, in the oyster that is our world…

Pipedream xx


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