In love with a candlestick…

I know I was not the only one feeling a little emotional as I sat in the sticky cinema chair, with my popcorn, expectantly waiting for Beauty and the Beast to start.
Disney holds a sacred place in many a person’s heart, as it made up the foundations of a lot of our childhoods, and that showed. Because 2/3 of the audience were adults, of course some attended with children (I know deep down they were using the child as a scapegoat to relive their childhood. I’m guilty of that) but it gave me a warm, tingly feeling to think that we were all sharing a moment, returning us briefly back to our childhoods. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic and I am not ashamed.

Now, even though I eagerly anticipated Beauty and the Beast coming out onto the big screen, I also had my doubts. I of course have no professional ground to stand and critique this film but because it was my go-to afterschool TV choice, I feel like it is my duty to want the absolute best for it.

I cannot deny that I was wary of Emma Watson playing one of my most adored protagonists, landing a whopping $15 million for the privilege. I always worry when an actor goes from one well known film to another, but the Harry Potter star has gracefully taken a step from fandom to fandom and I feel like this generation of children will no longer know her as Hermione but as Belle.

As a ‘Tale as old as time’ filled the cinema, I cannot pretend that I didn’t let out a tear or two. That exact moment was everything 5-year-old me, on my beanbag at home, had ever dreamed of and it made me emotional. The dress, the Beast, the staging could have made my heart burst, it was beautiful. Kudos to Bill Condon.

Dan Stevens (The Beast) has been an apple of my eye since his Downton Abbey days but hold up, I never expected to leave the cinema in love with a candlestick. Lumiere was charming, witty and thoughtful and Ewan Mcgregor was the perfect person to play such a character. Even in his metallic state, I was enraptured with his charm, so much so that I was a little disappointed when he returned to his former self.

(Not my picture)

Now I could write and write and write about the truly amazing cast within this film… BUT that would give so much away. I feel that Beauty and the Beast has been tastefully projected into a modern era and I know I’ll be off to see this film again shortly as I cannot recommend it enough.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.


Pipedream x


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