Follow the road ahead.

The sun is shining, the sea is calm and after a busy weekend the streets of Hastings are positively empty.
Unlike last week, my Monday has already been 100% more organised. I have completed the dreaded food shop before work, defeated the ‘floor-drobe’ fashion faux pas and have finally sat behind the wheel of a car again.

Since a very young age cars and I haven’t been friends. I think it all stems from the fact I was nearly (don’t dismiss the “nearly” as an over dramatisation on my part) wiped out by a car on my way to school.  After battling sweaty palms and the fear of vehicles driving alongside me, I had to come to terms with the fact that within today’s society, driving a car is a necessity and I had to just get on with it. (I mean there is an abundance of public transport, but only when it chooses to arrive)

I started my lessons last June, which now seems like forever ago, with the intention of passing my test by September, and looking back I was completely over-ambitious. There is nothing wrong with being over-ambitious but sometimes there are limitations as to what is physically possible… and I had overstepped them. However, I am like a dog with a bone when I get an idea into my head and unless I make the mistake myself, nothing can stop me. The dedication was positive but the expectations of myself weren’t. I had saved for a long time to pay for an intensive course, because in my head doing it all in one go would prevent me from having time to establish the fear. This plan quickly revealed all of its flaws. I was incredibly nervous to start with but after a while I grew quietly confident. I actually really enjoyed driving for while as I am a practical person and I enjoyed the challenge. But as the lessons dwindled due to busy schedules, so did my confidence. A long story short, my inner defeatist got the better of me and I gave up.

However 4 Months and a cancelled test later, I find myself yet again behind the steering wheel. The time away allowed me to regain the determination to hopefully complete and overcome this hurdle. Luckily for me my first drive back wasn’t an absolute car crash (I’ve been desperate to slip in a car pun somewhere) and my confidence is now partly restored.   I may have wavered, but one thing I have learnt is too never rush in the pursuit of success. I can do it but in my own time. You cant rush progress.

Have a fab Monday.

Pipedream x


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