Trying to reconcile with my Monday.

Today I feel my Monday morning really lived up to its universally-acknowledged negativity.

This morning I was standing on a pile of my own clothes cursing out loud, as I openly expressed my envy towards all the people that have work uniforms (resulting in at least 10 minutes less stress a day, trying to find an outfit). Uniforms, I’m discovering the hard way, are really underrated.

My outfit ensembles were either too casual, too summery, too grunge, too “I look like I’m mourning a fictional character from the 1800s” for work. I stood in the mirror looking at myself in an oversized jumper, an over-worn dress and my over-tired face and accepted my losses. Today, I was portraying myself as an extra from Oliver and I was too far behind schedule (to get myself into work on time) to change. Monday- 1: Me – 0

Slapping on some BB cream (I mean who really has time for a full face of makeup on a Monday?) and running out the door, the weather did not disappoint.

I am usually a fan of walking in the wind and rain, it is usually really liberating. But today all that the weather aided was a pathetic fallacy for my own miserable morning. What. A. Grump. I. Was.

A gloomy George Street, Hastings.

I decided to laugh off the fact that the wind was now my very own awful hair stylist, as it didn’t really disrupt the self-inflicted mess on my head, that I had left the house with. (Looking back, I think it did me a favour. I got a lot more volume in my locks than I would have done with any mousse).

I stumbled into work with streaming eyes, wind burn and my tail between my legs. Living on the coast is lovely but it can also be pretty savage.

However, Monday is just a day of the week and not a good enough excuse for my negativity. It was easy to pass the blame onto Monday as the culprit for my misery, BUT I am 100% to blame. I spent my whole weekend putting everything off until Monday, making it physically impossible for me to have smooth pre-work morning. I over-slept, I didn’t prepare any of my clothes the night before and I had put off the food shop, resulting in no milk for breakfast. It is all too easy to pass the blame, when really it was all my own doing. To be honest, I had a really lovely Monday and it is a day like any other.

Love your Mondays like you love your Fridays, because every day is important when you’re alive.



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