Channeling Annie Lennox, due to alcohol-related frivolities.

Why? Is a question I ask myself often.

As I sit here in my faded pyjamas (only used in times of great need), my hair scraped back into a pony tail and Dirty Dancing playing softly in the background. Why? is a question predominantly on my mind.

Of course, I am talking rhetorically. I know full well as to why I am feeling a little worse for wear and how I got myself into that situation… The very dangerous, insufficient phrase “one drink” which I’m aware affects many of us on a day-to-day basis.

However, the root of the issue is all because of Mardi Gras. A festival taken very seriously by the once sleepy seaside town in which I live. For anyone unsure of what Mardi Gras is, it is a celebration that can last for anything up to two weeks, finishing on Fat Tuesday (or commonly known as Shrove Tuesday) involving lots of dancing, brilliant live music and carnival celebrations that engulf the streets. However luckily for me, Hastings’ Mardi Gras lasts only one weekend but it is something not even a ‘home hermit’ like myself can refuse to enjoy.

Fat Friday commenced. A few drinks too many; listening to fabulous live music from a local band and free counselling from my friend later, the night rolled on leaving me with less than 6 hours before I had to get up for work.

Now, I am an avid sleeper, and the limited hours prevented me having such a luxury. I made it into work (a little later than expected) in an outfit not fit for the Supermarket. I survived the day AND the quizzical glances from customers as I supported the bags under my eyes as if they were Gucci. But I owe my perseverance to a little pot of goodness.

Christmas 2016 I received a purple pot full of natural ingredients (such as Lavender, Avocado and Beeswax) in a gel like consistency that was supposedly able to reduce or stop a hangover. Dubious I was, wasteful I am not.
I followed the Alice in Wonderland-esque instructions, dabbing the concoction on my wrists and temples, feeling a little bemused and dramatic, because my self-inflicted suffering wasn’t immediately over. Little did I know, that this little pot of hidden joy offered the cure for my booming headache and ratty behaviour… however it was only temporary.

I did have to reapply throughout the day, but the consistency is so oily that you don’t need an overly large amount, as it spreads a long way. Now I do know that regular hydration and carbohydrates also aided my “recovery”, but I cannot rule out the success of this wonderful little product. The soothing smell and kooky packaging stole my heart. I am a big fan and will always keep this in my bag, just in case.

So, for anyone interested in giving it a whirl (especially if you’re out on a work night. Naughty) I have provided the details below:

Product Name: Revive Me – Hangover Rescue Balm
Place of Purchase: Not on the High Street
Price: £8.95

Lots of love,
Pipedream x


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